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 Mans Too Strong de Dire Straits

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-## Lines: 69 Again, here's my version: SONG: The Man's Too Strong ARTIST: Dire Straits ALBUM: Brothers In Arms (1985) INTRO: C (strums) C (strums) e----------------------------------------0-------------0--------------- B----------------------------------------1-------------1--------------- G--------0h2-2-2-2---2-2-0--------2-0----0-------------0-------0------- D--0--3--------------------3-0--------2--2-------------2-----2------0-- A----------------------------------------3----------3--3---3------1---- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bb(strums) Dm(strums) Dm(strums) e--1-------------------1-------------1-------------------------- B--3-------------------3-------------3-------------------------- G--3-------------------2-------------2----------------0h2-2-2-2- etc. D--3---------3p0---0---0----------0--0---------0h3--3----------- A--1-------------3--------------3------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------- Dm C I am just an aging drummer-boy, and in the wars I used to play Bb Dm And I've called a tune to many a torture session. Dm C Now they say I am a war criminal, and I'm a-fading away. Bb Father, please hear my confession. G D I have legalized robbery and called it belief G D I have run with the money, I have hid like a thief G D I have rewritten history with my armies and my crooks D C Am D Invented memories, I did burn all the books Dm C Em And I can still hear his laughter, and I can still hear his song Emsus2 Em D C D C The man's too big, the man's too strong C Cm G Gm etc. For chords, play the Dm, D, C, Em, Am and G as open. Play the Bb in 1st position. I play the Emsus2, Gm and Cm as: Emsus2 Gm Cm e--2- -3- -3- B--0- -3- -1- G--0- -3- -0- D--2- -x- -1- A--2- -x- -x- E--0- -x- -x- Jim!