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 People Are Strange de Doors

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People Are Strange - Doors sur
-## People are Strange The Doors By Glen Word Em Am Em Am Em B Em People are strange When your a Stranger Faces look ugly when your alone Women Seem Wicked When your unwanted Streets are uneven when you are down Em G B B When Your strange Faces come out in the rain When Your strange G B Nobody remembers your name When your strange When your strange When your strange........ (Start Over again, repeat) Tab Start off with --------- Then strum down the chords and --------- then backup. --------- --------- -2------- ---0--3-- If this doesn't help let me know, and when I get time I'll tab her out for you. You should be able to work it out with the chords. Later Glen People Are Strange Words and music by The Doors time: 4/4 key: F minor Fm Bbm Fm People are strange when you're a stranger, Bbm Fm Bbm6 C7 Fm Faces look ugly when you're a - lone. Fm Bbm Fm Women seem wicked when you're un - wanted, Bbm Fm C7 Streets are uneven when you're down, when you're C Ab Bbm7 C7 C7 strange. Faces come out of the rain when you're C7 Ab Bbm7 C7 strange. No one remembers your name when you're C7 C7 C7 C7 strange when you're strange when you're strange ... ==================== Douglas French ====================