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 Cant Find My Way de Eric Clapton

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Can't Find My Way Home - Eric Clapton Intro. D/C D/B D/Bb D/A F G D (Dsus2 D) D/C D/B 1. Come down off your throne D/Bb D/A And leave your body alone F G D Somebody must change D/C D/B D/Bb You are the reason I've been waiting D/A All so long F G D Somebody holds the key G Chorus. In the end when I A D Just ain't got the time Em O-oh, well I'm wasted and I G D/F# Em D Can't find my way home D/C D/B D/Bb D/A F G D (Dsus2 D) 2. Come down on your own And leave your body home Somebody must change You are the reason I've been waiting All these years Somebody holds the key Chorus. 3. (instrumental) Chorus. D/C D/B D/Bb D/A F G D Outro. Ooo-ooo-oooo-oooh but I can't find my way home } 2x F G D Can't find my way home } 6x F G D Let's see -- I've been playing this for years. Great tune. You need to really keep the bass line going. Play the verse in open position. I go up the neck for the refrain, working my way back down and ending in open position again. There are some nice little runs. If I get a chance, I'll TAB some of them. This should all be in the TAB for the "Crossroads" compilation, but I haven't laid out the bucks for that yet. I use dots to mark beats. Verse: D D/C... D/B D/A... F C...D..C D Refrain: G .... A .... D .... Em .... weary and I just ain't go-t the time G D/F# Em D .... can't find my way home. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Indiana University Bloomington ------------------------------------------------------------------------