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 Dont Cry de Guns N Roses

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-## This is the main guitar line. It, or minor variations of it, repeats throughout the song. Am Dm G E |-------0-------------1---------------3-----------------------| B |---------1---------3---3---------------3---------------------| G |-----2-----2-----2-------2---------0-----0-------0-----0-----| D |---2---------0-0-----------------0-------------0-----0-------| A |-0-------------------------0---2-----------0-3-----2-----3-2-| E |-----------------------------3-------------------------------| The chorus is basically: F G Am And, according to Guitar for the Practicing Musician, the loud distorted chords in the middle of the song are: C5 G/B A5 G5 F5 G5 A5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howard C Huang | Mather House 120 | Internet : Class of 1992 | 10 Cowperthwaite St. | Bitnet : hhuang@husc.bitnet Computer Science | Cambridge, MA 02138 | UUCP : ...!harvard!husc!hhuang ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Through the co-operation of gavin & Mark Here's the music: DON'T CRY - GNR Intro: N.C Am Dm G G/B (C) ----------0------------1----------------3------------------------ -----------1----------3-3----------------3----------------- --------2----2------2-----2-----------0----0------------0-------0----- ------2---------0-0-----------------0-----------------0-------0----- ----0-------------------------0---2-------------0---3-------2-----3-2-0- -3------------------------------3--------------------------------------- |____________________________________________________________________| Main Riff |__| Only in intro End of intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only) D---------------------------------2------- """"""'Scratch that above'"""""""""""""" End of intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only) --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------0------------ -------0------------2 -----2--------------0- ---3-------2--3--4----- Song: Intro riff played four times chorus: F F G G Am Don't you cry tonight Am----------------------. I still love you baby F F G G Am Don't you cry tonight F F G G C Don't you cry tonight C C There's a heaven above you baby F F G G Am And Don't you cry tonight riff at end of verse 1 ---------------------------------------- --------0--0/1------------ -----2----------2------- --2------------2----- -------------------------- --------------------------- Loud part in middle of song: C G A G F G A AAAAA solo (not posted) verse 3 ( verse 2 follows riff at end of verse one) song ends on : ------0---------- ------1-------------- ------0---------- ------0/2------ ------3------- ------0---- Thanks, Mark. First version by Gavin Gregan Corrections (appreciated ) by Mark Bober