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 Dont Cry de Guns N Roses

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Guns n' Roses g/guns_n_roses/dont_cry.btab Don't Cry from USe your illusion 1 and 2 by MIKE ANNECCHINO played w/ chorus effect They're back touring next summer and Jan. 12, 2001 ROCK IN RIO. THe new guitarists are Robin Fink, buckethead. Another one for Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steve, and Dizzy. The least I can thank you guys for the insight you've given to my life. Don't Cry was written in 1986. Despite what you may think this was the first song that the five original members of GNR wrote. It's in the Key of A minor tuning Eb Ab Db Gb 1 bar before slash finishes intro play 12 + 3 4 A--3-2-3-2-0--------0--5-5--------------------- E-----------------------------3--0-----3-4-5 let ring Verse A--5---------3-2--3-2--0-----5-------------3-2-3-2--0---Repeat a few E-------3-------------------------3--------------------- times then play before chorus D------5---3------------------------- A--------------3-----2-----0-------------- E--3--------------------------------- Chorus "don't you cry.. heaven above you" D-------3-----5----------------------------------------- A---5-----------------------------3---2-----0------------- E--------------------3--55----------------------3-----1--- Verse again Chorus Solo D--------------------------------------- Am-00000000------5---------------5----------3-3333333-22222222222- E--------------------5----3----------5----------------- D--------------------------------------3333------ A-000000000------------------------------------ E-------------3333333-111111111-------------- basically play this till the end This is about it minus some improvasation DUFF RULES!!! Listen if any member or fan of Guns n' ROses past or present reads this tab please IM me my Sn is bigwhitemike3 and my email is Rock on! "Cause everything we ever knew here all had to drift away and die!" Axl Rose '93 in Estranged "WHERE'S AXL!"