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 Used To Love Her de Guns N Roses

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Used To Love Her - Guns N Roses sur
-## From uunet!!!!u895174 Fri May 15 12:07:37 PDT 1992 Article: 3774 of alt.guitar Newsgroups: alt.guitar Path:!uunet!!!!u895174 Message-ID: u895174.705885168@bruny> Sender: Organization: University of Tasmania, Australia. References:> Lines: 14 (Tall Cool One) writes: I need the chords/tab to Used to Love Her by GnR.. Well, I'm sure someone with the music in front of them can do a better job, but the chords to that song are really basic. D A G A (repeat a few times) G A G A G A D G Anyway, it's something like that. It just repeats over and over. Oh yeah, if you want to play along with the record, remember to tune down a half step.