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 Battle Of Evermore de Led Zeppelin

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Battle Of Evermore - Led Zeppelin sur
From uunet!!!!!!!ksm Sun Oct 25 14:44:38 PST 1992 Article: 3173 of Path:!uunet!!!!!!!ksm Newsgroups: Message-ID:> Sender: Organization: University of Pennsylvania Lines: 32 Nntp-Posting-Host: I saw that someone requested "Battle of Evermore" a while back, so here is what I remember. Sorry, no tabs, just chords. Am Am G Am Am C Am Am G Am Am C Queen of Light, took her bow, and then she turned to go Am Am G Am Am C Am Am G Am Am C Prince of Peace, embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone D D D D D D D D Oh,........(sorry, don't remember this verse) (continues Am Am G Am Am C etc. until:) Am D Am D I hear the horse's thunder, down in the valley below G7 C G7 C waiting for the angels of Babylon, waiting for the eastern glow and so forth... It's probably a good idea to listen to the song to get the rhythm down correctly. I hope this helps at least a little... -- Ken MacFarlane | email: CETS Technical Staff | University of Pennsylvania | office: 057 GRW (Moore Building) Philadelphia, PA 19104 | phone: (215)898-2476