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 Mama Said de Metallica

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Mama Said - Metallica sur
From Tue Jun 11 07:19:21 1996 "Mama Said" by Metallica, from the album "Load." Transcribed by Daniel Meijer> &> Some have bagged this as "country music" which is crap, it takes more than a pedal steel to make country music. It's more like Led Zeppelin's "Tangerine" than anything else. "Load" is great (and I love Master of Puppets), it shows a new depth to the band's songwriting. Some of the lyric transcriptions might be a bit out, feel free to email me any corrections! In the intro and verses, play around with the Dm and Am chords....turn them into Dmsus2, Dmsus4, and Amsus4. Tune down a 1/2 step. Dm Dmsus4 Dmsus2 C Am Amsus4 G F Bb e--1------3---------0------0----0-----0------3----1----1-- b--3------3---------3------1----1-----3------0----1----3-- g--2------2---------2------0----2-----2------0----2----3-- d--0------0---------0------2----2-----2------0----3----3-- a--x------x---------x------3----0-----0------2----3----1-- e--x------x---------x------x----x-----x------3----1----x-- Intro: Dm C Am *Verse* Dm Mama she has taught me well C Am Told me when I was young Dm Son your life's an open book C Am Don't close it before it's done Dm The brightest flame burns quickest C Am Thats what I heard her say D The son's heart's owed to mother C Am But I must find my way.... *Chorus* Dm C Am G Let my heart go Dm C Am G Let your son grow Dm C Am G Mama let my heart go Dm C Bb G Am Mama let this heart be still. *Intro again* *Verse 2* Dm Remember my new last name C Am Wild blood in my veins Dm Draping the strings around my neck C Am The mark that still remains Dm Left home at an early age C Am of what I heard was wrong (?) Dm I never asked forgiveness C Am For what is said is done.... *Chorus* Dm C Am G Let my heart go Dm C Am G Let your son grow Dm C Am G Mama let my heart go Dm C Bb G Am Mama let this heart be still. *Bridge* Dm G Never I asked of you C F but never I gave Dm G But you gave me your emptiness C F that I'll take to my grave Dm G Never I asked of you C F but never I gave Dm G But you gave me your emptiness C F that I'll take to my grave Dm C Bb G Am G let this heart be still. *Verse 3* Dm Mama now I'm coming home C Am I'm not all you wished of me Dm A mother's love for her son C Am was spoken heavily(?) Dm yeah I took your love for granted C Am and all the things you said to me Dm I need your arms to welcome me C Am That cold stone's all I see..... *Chorus* Dm C Am G Let my heart go Dm C Am G Let your son grow Dm C Am G Mama let my heart go Dm C Bb G Am Mama let this heart be still. Dm C Am Dm Let my heart go Dm C Am Dm Mama let my heart go Dm C Am Dm You never let my heart go Dm C Bb G Am Mama let this heart be still. *Bridge* (solo over Dm G C F twice) Dm G Never I asked of you C F but never I gave Dm G But you gave me your emptiness C F that I'll take to my grave Dm G Never I asked of you C F but never I gave Dm G But you gave me your emptiness C F that I'll take to my grave Dm C Bb G Am G let this heart be still. From Thu Jun 27 20:37:08 1996 Received: from ( []) by (8.6.12/8.5) with ESMTP id PAA40919; Thu, 27 Jun 1996 15:37:03 -0500 Received: from ( []) by (8.6.12/8.6.4) with ESMTP id NAA25136 for>; Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:33:44 -0700 Received: from mc ( []) by (8.6.9/8.6.9) with SMTP id WAA16177 for>; Thu, 27 Jun 1996 22:32:44 +0200 Message-Id:> X-Sender: (Unverified) X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Light Version 1.5.2 Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" X-email-warning: As a cautionary note, there have been recent instances of people forging mail addresses. If you have any reason to believe this message is not authentic, please contact the listed sender or System Computing Services at (702) 895-4585. Status: RO Hi guys! That's a gr8 song from the 'new' Metallica : it's in their last album, 'Load'. It's called 'Mama Said'. I've found out only the chords : forgive me if they're not right! :^) Main Verse : C#min ( listen to the song to find out when you have to move your little finger to the 7th fret of B string and then back again ) B - G#min Chorus : 3x C#min - B - G#min - F# 1x C#min - B - A - F# - G# Then what we can call a Second Chorus : C#min - F# - B - E which finishes like the Chorus : C#min - B - A - F# - G# If you play it one half step higher, it becomes much easier. Sounds like : Dm - C - Am etc... I think Metallica have their guitars tuned this way for this song. That's all! Sorry if there aren't the lyrics, but I'm Italian and I haven't time to find them out now ( I've got my exams at University! :^) ). Please e-mail me if this has been of some use for you ( and also if you have the lyrics.. ;) ). Ciao, Stefano ( ) ---- =91Mama Said=92 Metallica (Words and music by James Hetfield) Transcribed and submitted by Christopher Bucknall. Here are the chords and lyrics for =91Mama Said=92 off the new Metallica = album, Load. I=20 had them typed up anyway cos I=92m covering it in my band (Haven=92t wast= ed any time have=20 I? - 11-6-96). I=92m not sure about the third line in the second verse th= ough. If=20 anyone can tell me what the lyrics really are, mail me: lj99@dial.pipex.c= om Dm Dmsus4 Am C Mama she has taught me well, told me when I was young Dm Dmsus4 Am C =09 Son, your life's an open book, don't close it before it's done. Dm Dmsus4 Am C The brightest flame burns quickest, that's what I heard her say. Dm Dmsus4 Am C Son's heart sold to mother, but I must find my way. Dm Am C G Let my heart go Dm Am C G Let your son grow Dm Am C G =20 Mama, let my heart go, Dm Am Dm F Am Or let this heart be still. Dm Dmsus4 Am C Never mind your last name, wild blood in my veins. Dm Dmsus4 Am C Wrapping strings around my neck, the mark that still remains. Dm Dmsus4 Am C Left all that in an early age, of what I heard is wrong. Dm Dmsus4 Am C Never asked forgiveness but what I said is done. Chorus> Dm G C F Never I asked of you and never you gave, Dm G =09 But you gave me your emptiness C F And I'll take to my grave. (2) Dm Am Dm F Am G let this heart be still. =20 Dm Dmsus4 Am C Mama now I'm coming home, I'm not all you wished of me. Dm Dmsus4 Am C A mother's love for her son, spoken, let me be. Dm Dmsus4 Am C I took your love for granted, and all you said to me. Dm Dmsus4 Am C I need your arms to welcome me, but your cold stone's all I see. Chorus X 2> Dm G C F Never I asked of you and never you gave, Dm G =09 But you gave me your emptiness C F And I'll take to my grave. (2) Dm Am Dm F Am G let this heart be still. ----- From Thu Jul 11 20:20:27 1996 Mama said by METALLICA Another great song from METALLICA, (some kind of country inspirated)however I have`nt figured out that country mix and I also think it is much better without it, so here we go.... Intro/Verse: |--1---0-1---1--3-3-3--1-1-1--0--0--0--0-0--0---0-0-0-0-0-0--| |--3---3-3---3--3-3-3--3-3-3--3--1--1--1-3--1---1-1-0-0-1-1--| |--2---2-2---2--2-2-2--2-2-2--2--0--0--0-0--2---2-2-2-2-2-2--| |--0---0-0---0--0-0-0--0-0-0--0--2--2--2-2--2---2-2-2-2-2-2--| |--0---0-0---0--0-0-0--0-0-0--0--3--3--3-3--0---0-0-0-0-0-0--| |--------------------------------0----------0---0-0-0-0-0-0--| Chorus: |--1--0--0-----3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--| |--1--0--0--3--0--| |--3--1--1-----3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--| |--3--1--1--3--1--| |--2--0--2-----0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--| |--2--0--2--0--2--| |--0--2--2--0--0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--| X 3 and then... |--0--2--2--0--2--| |--0--3--0--2--2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2--| |--0--3--0--2--0--| |-----------3--3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--| |-----------3-----| Bridge: |--1--1-1-1--3--3-3-3--0-0-0--0-----| |--3--3-3-3--3--3-3-3--1-1-1--1-----| |--2--2-2-2--0--0-0-0--0-0-0--2-----| |--0--0-0-0--0--0-0-0--2-2-2--2-----| |--0--0-0-0--2--2-2-2--3-3-3--0-----| |------------3--3-3-3---------------| Well... that should be all except for the solo. E-mail me with questions, comments or whatever...> - Martin Moe Aaserud This is the way how I play this song I guess , I`m sure, this is the best version on internet But I have to say that the intro I play a little bit different,but it doesn`t matter:-) Anyway I didn`t figure it out and author`s name is in the title Pavel Holka> * Mama Said * Metallica - from album "Load" Words and music by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich Transcribed by Kenneth Sundnes This is the right way, but I haven't figured it all out yet. Missing some solo parts and the chorus solo... Please mail me any comments/corrections... * Acoustic guitar - Intro/Verse Riff Dm Ds4 Eb|-1--------1---0---1-----------3----3---1---1---1-------1----------- | Bb|-3------------3---3-----------3----3---3---3---3-------3----------- | Gb|-2------------2-----------2---2----2---2---2---2------------------- | Db|-0--------------------0-------------------------------------------- | Ab|---------------------------------------------------0--------------- | Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------- | C Am As2 As4 H Eb|-------------------------------------0---0---x---x----------------- | Bb|-1----1---1>3--x---1----1---1---1----0---1---x---x----------------- | Gb|-0----0---0----x---2----2---2---2----2---2---x---x----------------- | Db|-2----2---2----x---2----2---2---2----2---2------------------------- | Ab|-3----3---3--------0----------------------------------------------- | Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------- | Eb|-1----1---1---0---1-----------3----3---1---1---1------------------- | Bb|-3------------3---3-----------3----3---3---3---3------------------- | Gb|-2------------2-----------2---2----2---2---2---2------------------- | Db|-0--------------------0-------------------------------------------- | Ab|----------------------------------------------------0-------------- | Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------- | H Eb|--------------------0--------0---0----0---0------------------------ | Bb|--1----1---1>3--x---1--------1---1----1---3------------------------ | Gb|--0----0---0----x---2--------2---2----2---2-------0---------------- | Db|--2----2---2----x---2---------------------------------------------- | Ab|--3----3---3--------0---------------------------------------------- | Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------- | * Chorus - Acoustic over clean electric (Haven't figured it out yet.) Dm Ca9 Am G Dm Ca9 Bb G Am As2 As4 Eb|-1---3---0-----3---|-1---3----------3--0----------0--------0------- | Bb|-3---0---1-----3---|-3---0----3-----3--1----------0--------3------- | Gb|-2---0---2-----0---|-2---0----3-----0--2----------2--------2------- | Db|-0---2---2-----0---|-0---2----3-----0--2----------2--------2------- | Ab|-----3---0-----2---|-----3----1-----2--0----------0--------0------- | Eb|---------------3---|----------------3------------------------------ | Let my heart go Let this heart be still.. * Before and Verse 2 - Electric w/wah (Included some lyrics to help) P P H P P Eb|------13 12 10-----10>12 10-|-----------------------------5-------- | Bb|-10------------10-----------|--------------------------7-----6 5--- | Gb|----------------------------|------------------------------------7- | Db|----------------------------|-------------------------------------- | Ab|----------------------------|-------------------------------------- | Eb|----------------------------|-------------------------------------- | H B B B B Eb|--5----|--------------------17------------------17----------------- | Bb|--5>6--|----------------------------------------------------------- | Gb|--7----|-----------------------19^(21)^19----------19^(21)^19------ | Db|-------|---------------19------------------19---------------------- | Ab|-------|----------------------------------------------------------- | Eb|-------|----------------------------------------------------------- | Rebel.. in my veins.. H B Eb|-------17------------------------------------|-17-----------|------ | Bb|-------------------20-------17---17----17>18-|------15^(17)-|--15-- | Gb|---19----------19-------19-------------17>19-|--------------|--14-- | Db|---------------------------------------------|--------------|------ | Ab|---------------------------------------------|--------------|------ | Eb|---------------------------------------------|--------------|------ | remains.. left.. wrong.. never * Bridge - Acoustic Dm G Ca9 F B H Eb|-1-----3---3-----1----|-------1-----------|-----0----------0------- | Bb|-3-----3---0-----1----|----------3^(5)--3-|-------3----------1>3--- | Gb|-2-----0---0-----2----|----2--------------|---0------0------------- | Db|-0-----0---2-----3----|-0-----------------|--------------2--------- | Ab|-------2---3-----3----|-------------------|-2----------3----------- | Eb|-------3---------1----|-------------------|----------------------1- | Never ask never gave. Fill during bridge. (let ring) * Verse 2 - Electric w/wah (Included some lyrics to help) H Eb|----5-------------------|----------------5---5-5-0-5--------------- | Bb|-------3>5-6----6-------|--------------------------------3--------- | Gb|----------------7-------|--------2--2------2-------------2--------- | Db|------------------------|------------------------------------------ | Ab|------------------------|------------------------------------------ | Eb|------------------------|------------------------------------------ | me.. A mothers.. me be.. Yeah I took Eb|-------------5--------------------0-------------------------------- | Bb|------------------------5--5--6------------------------------------ | Gb|---------7--------7--7-----------------------7--------------------- | Db|------------------------------------------------------------------- | Ab|------------------------------------------------------------------- | Eb|------------------------------------------------------------------- | to me.. yeah I need your arms to welcome me. * Distorted riff played under "Let my heart go..." at the end Eb|-------------------------|----------------------------------------- | Bb|-------------------------|----------------------------------------- | Gb|-7-----5--------------7--|--7-----5-----3-----------------------7-- | Db|-7-----5-----7--------5--|--7-----5-----3-----5-----7-----------7-- | Ab|-5-----3-----7--------5--|--5-----3-----1-----5-----7-----------5-- | Eb|-------------5-----------|--------------------3-----5-------------- | This 3 times.. then this..