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 Mama Said de Metallica

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Mama Said By Metallica This is my first attempt at tabbing so if there is anything wrong e-mail the corrections to me any This is tabbed for a single acoustic guitar. Tuned half step down. (Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb) Intro Eb|--1----0-1---3-1------0-----0----0-0-| Bb|--3----3-3---3-3------1-----1----0-1-| Gb|--2----2-2---2-2------0-----2----2-2-| Db|--0----0-0---0-0------2-----2----2-2-| Ab|----------------------3-----0----0-0-| Chorus * Eb|--1---0---0---3--||--1---0---1---3---0--| Bb|--3---1---1---3--||--3---1---3---3---1--| Gb|--2---0---2---0--||--2---0---3---4---2--| Db|--0---2---2---0--||--0---2---3---5---2--| Ab|------3---0---2--||------3---1---5---0--| Eb|------3-------3--||------3-------3------| Bridge Eb|--1-----3-----0-----1--| Bb|--3-----3-----1-----1--| Gb|--2-----4-----0-----3--| Db|--0-----5-----2-----4--| Ab|--------5-----3-----4--| Eb|--------3-----3-----1--| Song Structure Intro 2x Verse Chorus Intro 2x Verse Chorus Bridge Part2 of Chorus (the one with the *) Verse Chorus 2x (first line don’t strum, 2nd time play heavy) Bridge (just the Chords, no singing) Part2 of Chorus