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 Dive de Nirvana

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Dive - Nirvana sur
Nirvana ------------> ''DIVE'' transcripted by D Cohen |==================================| How come no one transcripted this song yet? is it too easy to play and i'm making fun of myself? i guess :) people please, i know you'll hate me for this thing, but consider it my first transcription *smile*, i'd appriciate comments, so i'll know for next time :) / = Slide ) / = Bend / Intro Riff (bass) Repeat twice. 1|--------------------------------------| 2|--------------------------------------| 3|--------------------------------------| 4|--------------------------------------| 5|----------------------7--7--7---------| 6|-2--0--2--0--2--0--0------------------| Intro Guitar Repeat a couple of times. 1|-----------------------------| 2|-----------------------------| 3|------------------------/9---| 4|------------------------/9---| 5|-4-----4--4-----4-------/7---| 6|-2--0--2--2--0--2--0--0------| Verse 1|-----------------| 2|-----------------| 3|----------/9-----| 4|-4--4-----/9-----| 5|-4--4-----/7-----| 6|-2--2--0---------| Pick me... Pre Chorus + Chorus 1|--------------------------------------------------| 2|--------------------------------------------------| 3|-------------------------------------------/9-----| 4|-9--9-11-11--5--5--------4--4-----4--------/9-----| 5|-9--9-11-11--5--5--------4--4-----4--------/7-----| 6|-7--7--9--9--3--3--0--0--2--2--0--2--0--0---------| Dive Dive... ...me___________________. Solo 1/2 ) 1|---------------/-----------| 2|--------------/------------| 3|-3--1--3--1--3---1---------| 4|---------------------2-----| 5|---------------------------| 6|---------------------------| Now, a few words... I've seen these stupid shirts made by someone who wants to make money, the shirts say "Kurt Cobain - Suicide is alright", i dont knw if its right or wrong, everyone has his opinion, but making money out if it IS wrong, I'm sure we all remember Kurt for being a great carismatic artist, and he was a source of inspiriation for some of us. i dont know if you've seen it or not, but Dave Grohl went up two days ago (Sep 10th) to take the MTV award for BEST ALTERNATIVE VIDEO , and said how much he misses Kurt and thinks about him everyday, suicide is NOT ALRIGHT, it hurts, but then... Coming up next: Nirvana "blew" and Alice in Chains "I Stay Away" (so send me comments about dive)