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 Dive de Nirvana

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Dive - Nirvana sur
SUBJECT: DIVE BTAB BY NIRVANA FROM: ROOPTROOP@AOL.COM ^ BEND G D------------------2-2-2 A 1/2 1/2 E-2-0-2^2-0-2^2-0-0--- C that for a long time until the chorus G D A-2--2-2-4--4-4-5--5-5--7-7 1/2 1/2 E--------------------------2-0-2^2-0-2^2-0-0 THAT'S THE SONG EXCEPT FOR THE BASS SOLO WHICH GOES LIKE THIS G------------------------ D-8-6-8^8-6-8^8-6-6------ A-------------------7-7-7 E------------------------- THAT'S IT REALLY SIMPLE TABBED BY JON AND HIS FRIEND PINKY THE WONDER TURD JOIN PINKY ON HIS MAGICAL ADVENTURES THROUGH THE TOILET OF TIME AND SPACE