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Song: Caught Artist: Shaded Red Album: Shaded Red Tabbed: Rachel Goldman E-Mail: ***these aren't exactly all correct, but they should give you a vague idea how to play it*** INTRO: E B E F# (repeat) VERSE 1: E B E F# I can see you bought the delusion E B E F# I don't want any more of your lies E B E F# Call your bluff, and end the confusion E B E F# No more smiles, it tears you inside CHORUS: G#m B Don't go runnin' to all your excuses E F# All your thoughts keep flying 'round G#m B Escape will never come that easy E F# Your head will spin about I've caught you now INTERLUDE: E B E F# (repeat) VERSE 2: E B E F# I can tell your mind's like cold-fusion E B E F# Could all work, but not in real life E B E F# Pull the plug and break the illusion E B E F# Look to me, I'll light you inside REPEAT CHORUS AND INTERLUDE REPEAT INTERLUDE SIX TIMES WITH VARIATIONS REPEAT CHORUS CHORDS BRIDGE: G#m I was good to you B Never was untrue E You went the other way F# To lie another day G#m Still I call to you B Tear my heart in two E F# Just to let you know... I love you REPEAT INTERLUDE UNTIL THE END ***I know that's not all correct, so if you have a better version, send it in, or e-mail me at If you don't have Shaded Red's album, get it! 'Cuz its awesome!***