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 Caught de Shaded Red

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Author/Artist: Shaded Red Title: Caught Album: Shaded Red Transcribed by: Brian Germer (Soul Detergent Music) Email:, For More Tabs: This one is in standard tuning with some smooth dist and an envolope filter. Main Riff: ------------------------------------------------------------------|----------- ------------------------------------------------------------------|----------- -------1--1---x-x-x---4-4-x-4--3------1--1---x-x-x---3-3-x--4-----|----------- -------2--2---x-x-x---4-4-x-4--4------2--2---x-x-x---4-4-x--4--4--|----------- -------2--2---x-x-x---2-2-x-2--4------2--2---x-x-x---4-4-x--2--4--|----------- -------0--0---x-x-x------------2------0--0---x-x-x---2-2-x-----2--|-----------               P.M--}                         P.M--}                           ----------------------|--|------------------------------------------------|--- ----------------------|--|------------------------------------------------|--- ---------8b9r8b9r8b9r8|--|-------------9p8---9p8--------------------------|--- ---6--9---------------|x2|--2-2-2/8-9------9-----9----------9p8---9p8-----|--- ----------------------|--|---------------------------7-7/9------9-----9---|--- ----------------------|--|------------------------------------------------|--- Fill A                  Refrain  play 4x                                     Intro, Verses, and in between - Main riff Fill A - played before refrain and also played with main riff in outro Verse 1: I can see you bought the delusion I don't want anymore of your lies Call your bluff, and end the confusion No more smiles, it tears you inside Chorus: G#m                 BM Don't go runnin' to all your excuses EM                            F#M All your little thoughts keep flying around G#m               BM Escape will never come that easy      EM             F#M Your head will spin about I've caught you now Verse 2: I can tell your mind's like cold fusion Could all work, but not in real life Pull the plug and break the illusion Look at me, I was good to you After refrain:  (Use chorus chords) I was good to you Never was untrue You went the other way To lie another day Still I call to you Tear my heart in two Just to let you know I love you c1997 Big Cadence Songs, Inc./ The Roberts Brothers Publishing, Inc.