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 Prophet Priest And King de Small Town Poets

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Prophet Priest And King - Small Town Poets sur
Prophet, Priest, and King Smalltown Poets Smalltown Poets tabbed by Karlyn-Ruth Johnson Intro: FCG 4x FCG Put down my thoughts FCG In a letter to the President FCG FCG FCG Penciled and packaged FCG With all due respect FCG FCG Elvis commemerative's just for effect Am Never heard back C Think you know a guy... Em C G D Em C G D Em C FCG FCG 4x FCG Wired my congrats FCG To Chuck and Di some time ago FCG FCG (All my love to the Queen) FCG FCG My invitation was lost in the mail FCG But I know I was missed FCG When they kissed 'neath the veil Am I sent a nice gift C Never got a note... Chorus: C G But my closet's a shrine C G To an old friend of mine C G Here I talk all the time C D With a prophet, priest C G Pull out boxes and brooms C G I gush like a groom C G For it's here I commune C D With a prophet, priest, and king Em C G (Prophet priest, and king) Em C Prophet, priest, and king G D Em C (Prophet priest, and king) FCG 4x FCG If I indeed FCG Am misperceived by some heads of state FCG FCG (Hey, yeah, that's great) FCG Cuz I talk to a prophet FCG Who tells me the truth FCG And I dine with a king FCG At my home in Daluth F G Better yet, I'm in touch F G With a much needed friend F G Who hears my confessions F D And pardons my sin Yeah, (Chorus) Em C Prophet, priest, and king G D Em C (Prophet, priest, and king) G D Prophet, priest, and king Em C G D (Prophet, priest, and king) Em C G (Close) Hey guys. Hope this works! This album absolutely rocks. The band's really sweet, too. Drop me a line.