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 Prophet Priest And King de Small Town Poets

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Prophet Priest And King - Small Town Poets sur
Song: "Prophet, Priest, and King" Arstist: Small Town Poets (STP) Album: Small Town Poets (c) 1996 ardent/koala & SmallTown Poets Words+Music: Small Town Poets Tabbed By: Ken Bonner ( Verses: (Bass Line) A --8-7-------- E ------3----3- Repeat ...then bar an Am then a C to get the effect off the CD on the last line of the 1st verse Interlude/PreChorus: (Power Chords) E5 C5 G5 F#5 (x2) e-------------------- B-------------------- G----5--------------- D-2--5--5--4--------- A-2--3--5--4--------- E-0-----3--2--------- Chorus: (Power Chords) F5, E5, G5 (x1) e----------------- B----------------- G-10--9----------- D-10--9--5-------- A-8---7--5-------- E--------3-------- Lyrics: put down my thoughts in a letter to the president penciled and packaged with all due respect elvis commemoratives just for effect never heard back: you think you know a guy wired my congrats to chuck and di some time ago all my love to the queen my invitation was lost in the mail but i know i was missed when they kissed 'neath the veil i sent a nice gift; never got a note but my closet's a shrine to and old friend of mine here i talk all the time with a prophet priest.... i pull out boxes and brooms and i gush like a groom for it's here i commune with a prophet, priest and king if i indeed am misperceived by some heads of state. hey, that's great 'cause i talk to a prophet who tells me the truth and i dine with a king at my home in duluth better yet i'm in touch with a much needed friend who hears my confessions and pardons my sin -Have me w/ suggestions, comments, praise, prayer requests...or general chat Ken Bonner