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 Knockin On Heavens Door de Eric Clapton

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Knockin On Heavens Door - Eric Clapton sur
Knockin' on heaven's door. Eric Clapton This transcription is 'all my own work' Howdy. I dont know if publishing file is completly redundant due to its realitive ease, but here it goes..... Lick/ Fill E---------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------- A---0h2--2-0----------------------------------------------------- E-------------3-0-3---------------------------------------------- Chords Note: there is a neat harmonica thing done on some recordings that I am omitting. intro (G-G D-D Amin-Am Lick>) X2 Verse 1 [G] Ma, [D] take this badge off of [Amin] me. Lick> [G] I cant [D] use it any [Amin] more. Lick> [G] It's getting da[D]rk, too dark to se[Amin]e Lick> [G] feels like I'm k[D]nocking on h[Amin]eaven's door Lick> (Refrain) [G]knock, knock, k[D]nocking on heaven's d[Amin]oor lick> (X4 or 5) (Repeat additional verses, and refrain several times)