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 Hey Joe de Jimi Hendrix

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Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix sur
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 01:56:55 +0000 Song: Hey Joe Artist: Jimi Hendrix Tabbed by Kevin Frost Just some slight corrections to Runar's tab, which was a huge help btw. Thanks! You don't really have to bend all the notes that are marked. It sounds nice if you do it now and again. It also sounds good if you change it to 5th fret, 2nd string> once or twice Intro: G ------7------7--------------------- D -7--9---7--9---9------------------- A ----------------------------------- E ----------------------------------- Part 1 (b=bend): G -5---5---4-5---7---7-------------------------------------------- D -------5-------------7------------------------------------------ A -----------------------4-5-6--7-7-7---5---b5--7-7-7---5---b5---- E ------------------------------------7---7-----------7---7------- Part 2 (b=bend): G -5--------4-5-6-7---------6-7-8---------------------------------- D --2-3-4-5---------4-5-6-7---------------------------------------- A ---------------------------------7-7-7---5---b5--7-7-7---5---b5-- E ---------------------------------------7---7-----------7---7----- The whole song goes: a) Part1 x 10 b) Part2 x 1 c) Part1 x 3 d) Part2 x 1 e) Part1 x 1 f) Part2 x 1 (fade out)