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 Mama Said Acoustic de Metallica

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Mama Said Acoustic - Metallica sur
Artist: Metallica Title: Mama Said Album: Acoustica The original version of "Mama Said" appears on the Metallica album "Load". Tabbed by [email protected] "Mama Said" as performed by James Hetfield on single acoustic guitar. A great song and easy to play. Tune your guitar down � step if you want to play to the record. h = hammer on p = pull off / = slide up; \ = slide down b = bend ~ = vibrato/hold note x = string is not played; () notes in brackets are played very softly G here we go... Intro & verse Dm C C Am e---1---0h1--3---1---0---0~~--0--- James plays these chords in little B---3---3~~--3---3---1---1h3--1--- variations. You'll find out yourself. G---2---2~~--2---2---0---0~~--2--- D---0---0~~--0---0---2---2~~--2--- A---x---x----x---x---3---3~~--0--- E---x---x----x---x---x---x----x--- Repeat... Mama she has told me well... then Dm C Am G Dm C Bb G Am e---1---0---0----3--- e---1---0---1---3---0--- B---3---1---1----0--- B---3---1---3---0---1--- G---2---0---2----0--- G---2---0---3---0---2--- D---0---2---2----0--- D---0---2---3---0---2--- A---x---3---0----2--- A---x---3---1---2---0--- E---x---x---x----3--- E---x---x---x---3---x--- Let my heart go... let this heart be still... Dm G C F Dm C Bb G Am e---1---3---0---1--- e---1---0---1---3---0--- B---3---0---1---1--- B---3---1---3---0---1--- G---2---0---0---2--- G---2---0---3---0---2--- D---0---0---2---3--- D---0---2---3---0---2--- A---x---2---3---3--- A---x---3---1---2---0--- E---x---3---x---1--- E---x---x---x---3---x--- Never I asked... let this heart be still... Dm C Am Dm Dm e---1---0---0---1----3---1--- B---3---1---1---3----3---3--- G---2---0---2---2----2---2--- D---0---2---2---0----0---0--- A---x---3---0---x----x---x--- E---x---x---x---x----x---x--- Let my heart go... And that's pretty much it. If you see any mistakes, let me know. [email protected] I also tabbed the acoustic version of "Nothing Else Matters", which is already posted at .net... watch out and enjoy!!