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 I Fought The Law de Clash

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I Fought The Law - Clash sur
I Fought the Law The Clash version (as best as I can figure it out) Intro: Chords: D D G A Tab: ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -(12)/14-14-14-(12)/14-14-14--(12)/14-14-14--(12)/14-14-14 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Chords: D D A G F#m D Tab: ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -(12)/14-14-14-(12)/14-14-14--14--12--11------------------ -------------------------------------------12------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ^^^^^^^^^^^ triplets That repeats twice, then: D D G D Breakin' rocks... D D G D D D G D D D G D G I left my baby... D G D G D I fought the law... D A G F#m D Solo: --------------------------------14- ------------------------12--15----- ----------11--11/12--14------------ ----12/14-------------------------- -14-------------------------------- ----------------------------------- This repeats four times, then back to the intro riff. If this doesn't sound right let me know. Also, there is a second guitar that sounds like its running a counter melody, so if anyone can figure that out, please post.