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 I Fought The Law de Clash

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I Fought The Law - Clash sur
ght the Law: The CLASH version Message-ID:> Sender: (News system) Organization: University of Central Florida Distribution: alt Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 01:56:12 GMT Lines: 117 I Fought the Law The Clash version (as best as I can figure it out) Intro: Chords: D D G A Tab: ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -(12)/14-14-14-(12)/14-14-14--(12)/14-14-14--(12)/14-14-14 ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- Chords: D D A G F#m D Tab: ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- -(12)/14-14-14-(12)/14-14-14--14--12--11------------------ -------------------------------------------12------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ^^^^^^^^^^^ triplets That repeats twice, then: D D G D Breakin' rocks in the hot sun D D G D I fought the law and the law won (twice) D D G D I needed money 'cause I had none D D G D I fought the law and the law won (twice) G I left my baby and it feels so bad D Guess my race is run G She the best that I ever had D G D I fought the law and the law won D A G F#m D I fought the law and the Solo: --------------------------------14- ------------------------12--15----- ----------11--11/12--14------------ ----12/14-------------------------- -14-------------------------------- ----------------------------------- This repeats four times, then back to the intro riff. If this doesn't sound right let me know. Also, there is a second guitar that sounds like its running a counter melody, so if anyone can figure that out, please post. I am also willing to post some other Clash songs by request to anyone willing to make similar posts themselves. I have a Clash songbook with the following songs (just the chords): Off of album The Clash: o I'm G Bored with the U.S.A o White Man in Hammersmith Palais o Career Opportunities Off of album Give 'Em Enough Rope: o Guns on the Roof o Safe European Home Off of album London Calling: o Hateful o I'm Not Down o London Calling o Lover's Rock o Spanish Bombs o Train in Vain Off of album Sandinista!: o Charlie Don't Surf o Corner Soul o Hitsville U.K. o Ivan Meets G.I.Joe o Kingston Advice o The Magnificent Seven o One More Time o Rebel Waltz o Somebody Got Murdered o Something About England o Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) o Version City o Washington Bullets Off of Combat Rock: o Straight to Hell o Should I Stay or Should I Go o Rock the Casbah ...although I won't be particularly eager to post those last two songs. Make me an offer, though. I'm still looking for many of the earlier Clash songs, as well as anything by the Jam, Stiff Little Fingers, Aztec Camera, ...... Mark Schnitzius University of Central Florida